Color Street Nail Bar

I wanted to write a little about Color Street nail bars, so you will have an idea of what they are and how they work. I was invited to one through Facebook in 2020 and was like, what the heck is a nail bar? In fact, what the heck is Color Street?!? If you’ve seen my other articles, you will know that I was completely hooked after I put my first set on and became a stylist immediately. Then it was up to me to help other people host nail bars, so I jumped right into that world as well and have had the most fun with this part of the business!

Basic Idea

The idea behind a nail bar is to introduce Color Street to more people and help a hostess earn free product. It is also a social occasion that brings friends together, either in person or online to have fun and learn more about Color Street and each other. I joined the company during COVID-19 so I still have not hosted an in-person one, but I have done at least one a month since then and I absolutely love doing them! I will focus on the virtual nail bar for now since I have experience with those.

First Step

Once I have a hostess lined up, I have her pick a theme. This would depend on her hobbies, interest, or the time of year, as some examples. I did holiday themes right before Christmas, a roaring 20’s theme, camping, Valentine’s Day, and now a School’s Out theme for the summer. This is my absolute favorite part about the nail bar, finding a theme that the hostess wants and then finding/creating graphics to go along with it. There are some basic templates for a nail bar, but I usually add extras like videos, games, contests, etc. Below are some graphics that I have used in previous nail bars:

this or that, Greeking out, fort worth itbeagle, puppies, hostess, gifmarshmallow, campfire, roast, thank you, order

husky, alarm, party, snoozeflapper, roaring 20's, this or that, black cherry bonbon

Facebook Group

I then create a private Facebook group and make myself and the hostess admins. I will add a cover photo, description, and a few introductory posts before other people come into the group. Then I have the hostess start inviting friends to the group, about 25 at a time so Facebook doesn’t block people being added when it’s done too quickly. I had no idea how many different metrics Facebook had in place to block various activities until I became a stylist! For the hostess, the whole thing is very simple! Just invite friends, comment on the posts to keep engagement and visibility up, and sit back and have fun!

Qualifying Nail Bar

You might hear a stylist refer to a “qualifying nail bar,” which just means that a nail bar has reached $300 in sales. Hostess rewards start at $150 in sales, but $300 in sales gets you more rewards plus sometimes hostess-exclusive sets if Color Street is offering them that month! For example, right now is May, and if you have a qualifying nail bar in May and cash in your hostess rewards before the end of the month, you get TWO FREE sets of a hostess-exclusive set added onto your order automatically at checkout. These sets cannot be ordered by anyone and are ONLY available to hostesses. This is in addition to your other rewards from the amount of sales you have, PLUS the free set that I give all of my hostesses just for having a party! The set for May is called Pink Paradise and it is stunning! They don’t offer exclusive sets every month, but when they do, I reach out to people that I think would particularly enjoy those sets and ask if they would like to host a party that month.

pink paradise, qualifying nail bar, color street

Here is an example of hostess rewards from a typical qualifying nail bar:

It’s not hard at all to have a qualifying nail bar, as people who are already familiar with Color Street love it and order, and any new people to the group may have gotten a free sample from me before the party ends and place an order as well. Color Street always offers buy 3, get 1 free, which is called a party pack. The sale of 8 party packs makes you a qualifying nail bar. I always order from my hostess’s parties as well, since Color Street frequently releases mini-collections while I have an open party, and I want to snatch those up before they are gone for good!

Other Party Perks

If a friend of the hostess books a party from me and ALSO has a qualifying nail bar, the original hostess gets an additional $25 in product credit!!! That’s a nice little bonus for the hostess, and sometimes I have booked nail bars for unrelated hostesses and the first hostess gets a nice surprise when the other party ends. I try to help out my hostesses because I appreciate them so very much!


Hosting a Color Street nail bar is a lot of fun and very little work for the hostess, with the best part being the earning of free Color Street dry nail polish! Feel free to comment with any experiences you’ve had with being a hostess, or any questions you may have for me, and of course if you would like to host a nail bar!

Fingernail Health

Fingernail health is not something I used to worry about too much, but now that I’m wearing Color Street all the time and removing it with acetone-based nail polish remover, it’s a topic that I’m starting to look into more! Plus it’s winter, so my nails are starting to get extra brittle. Yay. I’m going to discuss some tips and tricks that I am using to improve my fingernail health.

Start With a Strong Base

The first step is to get your fingernails strong before applying any Color Street dry nail polish strips. Chances are, yours started out strong like mine, but now need a little extra help. I recently purchased a couple of products that I think will make a huge difference. I got a nail strengthener and also nail and cuticle oil. These were not fancy products, I just went to the local grocery store and got some items that looked good. A friend of mine has been using olive oil instead of nail and cuticle oil and that is working for her to combat nail dryness, so like I said, no need to get fancy! After removing my Color Street strips, I use the nail and cuticle oil, let that sit until it feels like it’s absorbed, then paint on a layer of nail strengthener. I’m in the very early stages of this process, so I will update this post as I go along and let you know my progress! I have another friend who is using a nail strengthener with great success. I’m also hoping warmer, more humid weather will help my nails out significantly! As someone with naturally curly hair, this is the first time I have ever wished for more humid weather!

Ditch the Acetone!

I still have no excuse for why I haven’t done this yet, but I haven’t. I guess my biggest excuse is that I haven’t purchased any Mineral Fusion nail polish remover yet. I’m getting there, but you all know how busy life can get, and I have many jobs! The acetone-based nail polish removers are incredibly drying. Like I said above, I’m hoping the nail and cuticle oil helps, but I might not need that as much without the acetone! Here is a visual depiction of the difference between fingernails that have had acetone and non-acetone removers used on them:

Acetone vs mineral fusion

My nails do look more like the one on the right after I use my acetone-based nail polish remover. I will stop doing this to you, little nails, I promise!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

It is important to consider the overall dryness of your hands, not just your fingernails, in the winter. Especially during this time of COVID-19, when people are washing their hands more frequently and using hand sanitizer more often than they might normally, it is crucial to keep your hands hydrated. If possible, apply moisturizer to your hands and fingernails after every hand washing. Carry a little bottle of moisturizer with you if you need to. I know the practicality of this depends on your profession, but if you can do it, it will help! When I apply moisturizer to my hands, I make sure I hit my fingernails and cuticles as well.

Glass Nail Files

I only recently discovered the beauty of a glass nail file, and if you’re in my Color Street VIP group on Facebook and have ordered anything directly from my inventory, chances are I have sent you a glass nail file in the mail! They are AMAZING, and so much healthier for your nails than a traditional nail file. The glass files have a much more gentle grit to them, and using them actually seal the keratin in your nails, which helps prevent chipping, splitting, and flaking. If you have a lot of extra nail to take off, you can start with a more coarse file, then finish with the glass. I use nail clippers first, then finish with the glass file. It leaves my nails feeling so darn smooth, and it feels good to know that they are much healthier than they would be with a regular file! Also, make sure you are only filing each spot in one direction, instead of sawing back and forth. Start at the edge of the nail and work towards the middle. The glass files will also stay sharp and useful for a VERY long time, so it’s a great investment for not a lot of money.

Glass nail file


Wear Gloves

This is another one that I’m terrible at in the winter! I have a small farm, and generally when I go out to feed the animals, I don’t wear gloves. The most drying thing I do to my hands in the winter is scrub out water buckets without protecting my hands in any way. They are left feeling like nothing more than a compilation of little dried out flakes of skin resting on top of my hands! Then I come back inside and wash my hands, further drying them out. I will put lotion on after doing that, but I really should be better about wearing gloves when doing this to prevent the drying in the first place. In general, though, when you’re out in the dry winter weather, whether it’s walking, skiing, scraping snow off the car, or going from your car into the store, protect those hands and fingernails with gloves!

Not Just for Winter

Fingernail health is something that is easy to overlook in the hustle and bustle of daily life, but if you’re like me and want to protect your nails while looking fabulous with Color Street dry nail polish strips, then now is the time to start taking care of them year round!

Color Street Application Tips

I HAD to write this article! I’m still relatively new to Color Street, and I have made my share of application blunders and wanted to spare others the same issues. Color Street is an amazing product and I want people to enjoy it, so I’m going to share some incredibly useful application tips here!

Clean Hands

This is a simple one, but important! Make sure you wash your hands before application. I just use regular hand soap and water and make sure they’re dry before applying nail strips. Each set of Color Street dry nail polish strips comes with an alcohol prep pad but I don’t personally use that. My nails are already fairly dried out since I’m still using acetone nail polish remover, so I skip that step. Some people I know have more oils in their nails naturally, so they use the alcohol prep pads. Try both ways and see what works for you!

Warm Hands/Warm Strips!

Truthfully, this one did not occur to me at first! Make sure your hands are warm, and also make sure the strips warm. My cousin recommended heating a rice-filled bag and laying it on the strips! I haven’t gotten that fancy with it, but it worked for her. I just recently did French tips (Meet Me in Paris) and I sat on the tips and clear coating before applying them. I just put the tips under my thigh, and then when I was applying the white tips, I sat on the clear coating! That worked. I also have a friend that holds them in front of her space heater for a while. In the summer, I assume I won’t have to worry as much about preheating my hands or the strips!

Push Back Those Cuticles!!!

This one causes me the most pain when I see other peoples’ nailfies (nail selfies). Push back your cuticles before you apply, and even then, apply the strip so that there is a tiny sliver of space between the cuticle and the end of the strip. You DO NOT want the end of the strip to be laying over the cuticle at all. If it is, it has the potential to catch on things like your hair, and peel the strip off. I had a small issue with this when I first started because I was always so eager to apply a new set that I would forget to push back my cuticles! Here’s a pic of the second set I ever did. You can see near the cuticles where the strip is overlaying my skin. This set (Chelsea Ya Later) actually stayed intact for a long time, but I think I got lucky!

Chelsea Ya Later

The middle, ring, and pinky fingers have the worst of the cuticle issue happening there! The index finger is in a whole world of its own and I’ll address that next!

Here’s a nice graphic I found that illustrates the importance of pushing back the cuticles and then subsequent placement of the strips:

Cuticle tips

Trim the Strip!

So here we are back to the topic of what I did wrong with my index finger in that last set! Once you put the strip on, if there is any overhang, use a wooden cuticle stick to very gently trim around the edges and remove the excess. Some people use their thumbnail, but I have damaged the side of the strip doing that. I’ve damaged it with the cuticle stick, too, but I’m getting better at being gentle!

My index finger clearly needed a trim around the edges! This picture also illustrates another mistake I made in the beginning, and that is not using wide enough strips. If you look at my thumbnail, there is a gap at the edge. Now, I would rather use a strip that is a little too wide and trim the excess than have that gap there! If you do trim the edge and have a little big of a jagged remainder, below is a handy tool for fixing that:

Clean up pen

Solid Colors

I have found the solid colors to be trickier to apply than the glitters or other patterns. I’m getting better with them, though, and I wanted to share some tips here. First, here is a graphic that shows how to avoid bubbles and wrinkles:

Wrinkles and bubbles

These are good tips for all the sets, but especially the solids. I also will stretch the strip a little to remove some wrinkles that like to form along the edges of the solids, and also use a rubber cuticle stick to smooth them down even more. My nails are a little on the soft side so the solids crack easily on me. I have started to either double up the solids, or use a set of Clear as Day over the solids. This also helps keep them from chipping sooner, and the solids will chip before the glitters will with normal use. The solids as a single layer still outlast liquid nail polish by a long shot!


I hope you found these application tips to be useful. It’s funny to look back at my early pictures and see the things that make me cringe now and want to offer people tips! I will be posting videos of various applications as well, so stay tuned! Feel free to ask any questions or leave comments with your own tips and tricks!

Color Street Pedicures

Today I am going to dive into Color Street pedicures. There are almost as many options for your toes as there are for your fingers! Unless like me, you hardly have a pinky toenail!

Color Street Pedicure Sets

Color Street does make sets specifically for pedicures, but there are not many in the current collection. There is Seoul Sister, Baton Rougey, and How Swede it is.

Seoul SisterBaton RougeHow Swede it Is

As you can see from the pictures, Seoul Sister is a bright pink color, Baton Rougey is a classic red, and How Swede it Is is a nice glittery blue color! These are the sets that are specifically labeled as pedicures, but of course, given how easy it is to apply Color Street strips in general, you can use these on your fingers as well.

Manicure Sets For Your Toes

As I said above, Color Street strips are easily-adapted to whatever use you have in mind! Given that, it is entirely possible to use the manicure sets on your toes. Plus, since most people’s toenails are significantly smaller than their fingernails, you can do a full pedicure with just two nail strips! See the handy graphic below for a great way to do a pedicure using only the largest and smallest strips in a manicure set:

Toenail hack

As the pictures shows, take the largest strip and turn it sideways to cover the big toe. Then trim off the excess for the second toe. Trim as needed. Then take the smallest strip and put it vertically on the pinky toe. Turning it sideways, do the next two toes heading towards the big toe. That covers all of them! Due to the strips being turned sideways, it wouldn’t be possible to do the sets with designs, such as Penguin Party or Just Be-Claus, or the ombre ones unless you want sideways heads and dark strips on one side of the nail! You can of course still use those sets on your toes, you would just have to use more strips so they would be facing the correct ways. I just wanted to show you a way to get two manicures and a pedicure out of one set!

Some Color Street Pedicure Ideas

Now that you have some ideas on ways to do pedicures, see the pictures below for more creative ways to dress up your piggies! These are all sets that were done with manicure, not pedicure strips.

Aspen Sky Pedicure
Aspen Sky
Glamsterdam Pedicure
Glamsterdam makes for a great summer pedi!
Christmas Pedicure
Beautiful Christmas Pedicure!

Wide Toenails

If your toenails are wider than the pedicure or manicure strips, there is a way to still have gorgeous Color Street pedicures! This person took two sets and used the polka dots to fill in on her big toe where the strip wasn’t wide enough:

Wide toenail pedicure

Athletic Feet

Are you someone who is very active and hard on their feet and wondering how Color Street holds up as a pedicure? Check out this testimonial!

Runner French Tips Pedicure

Instant Pedicure

When you go to a salon, they do your pedicure and then you have to walk around in those little slippers until your toenails dry. If you’re like me, you still have to wear flip-flops or other sandals so you don’t mess up your toes because they are still not dry before you leave!

Sahara Jewel Pedicure

The picture above shows a gorgeous use of Sahara Jewel (one of my favorites!) as a pedicure, and points out that you can put your socks back on immediately after application! Although, when your toenails look this good, who wants to cover them up?


As always, there are endless ways to get creative with Color Street, whether it’s on your hands or feet! Drop some pics in the comments of your pedicures!

Color Street Combos

Now that you are getting more comfortable applying Color Street, it’s time to really mix it up! There are endless ways to get creative with Color Street, and combos are a great way to go. Whether it’s a simple Clear as Day over your natural nails or another set, clear nail art, a glitter overlay, or braided patterns, the sky’s the limit!

Clear as Day

Clear as Day is just what it sounds like: it’s a clear nail polish strip that can be used to prolong the life of another set, cover homemade French tips, as discussed in my previous post, or just add some extra shine to a set. Some people who have trouble with nail biting, including men, use Clear as Day as a subtle cover on their nails to stop them from biting them. Another nice thing about Clear as Day is that it comes as a double set, with 32 nail strips instead of 16, and it’s still only $11.00, allowing use on multiple manis.

Clear as Day

The picture on the right shows a set of beautiful, natural nails, with Clear as Day over top of them. It’s a nice, subtle shine on a set of nails that are already gorgeous!

Combos With 2 Sets

If you want to get a little more involved with your designs, you can combine 2 sets. It’s still on the more simple and elegant side, but it’s beautiful in its simplicity.

Manchester Mauve Tiny & Shiny

Here is a beautiful example of a combo of 2 sets. Manchester Mauve on all fingers, then Tiny & Shiny on the ring fingers. Tiny & Shiny is a petite set, but you can easily find a size to fit an accent nail. I have found with the solids that it is best to double them or use Clear as Day over ones that won’t have another overlay on them. My nails tend to be on the soft side and my strips crack eventually. It’s not as noticeable with the glitters, but for the solids I am starting to double them or use an overlay.

Oslo and Steady Home Sleet Home

A lot of people don’t realize that some glitter designs have opaqueness to them. Here is Oslo and Steady with Home Sleet Home over it. It leaves you with a nice, light, minty green that is beautiful and will last a long time since two full nail strips are used per nail. I plan on doing this look as well with Aspen Sky and Home Sleet Home.

Another example of 2 sets being used for a simple, elegant look. This is Don’t Flake on Me (retired set) and Between the Lines on the ring finger.

Combos of 2+ Sets

Here is where you can get extra clever with your styles! Lots of people combine multiple sets to great visual effect.

Halloween Combo

Above is a nice Halloween combo with Boo Crew (middle and ring), Moscow or Never, (thumb, index, and pinky) and Coming up Rose Gold on the ring finger.

You can also do a look like this one, with nail tape between the lines on Between the Lines!







As mentioned in my previous post and shown in the picture below, do the nail tape while the strips are flat. Then this person did Fiji Fuchsia on the ring finger, and I’m guessing Clear as Day over the whole thing to secure the nail tape!

As mentioned in my previous post and shown in the picture below, do the nail tape while the strips are flat. Then this person did Fiji Fuchsia on the ring finger, and I’m guessing Clear as Day over the whole thing to secure the nail tape!










In the above example, there are a lot of graphic elements going on, so Clear as day was used over all nails to hold everything in place. This was a beautiful tribute to the memory of the World Trade Center and its destruction and loss of life on 9/11. This is also an example of mixed sets of nail strips and use of nail tape.

Braided Nails

I have not been brave enough myself to try a braided nail but I’ll get there someday! This person used multiple sets for a GORGEOUS braided effect on her nails. Here is another example where I would do Clear as Day over everything to preserve the look for longer, especially on the braided nail.



There is no end to the combos you can make with Color Street. Try some looks above, or create your own and post them in the comments!

Color Street – Craft Punches

In this article, I am going to discuss the use of craft punches with Color Street dry nail polish strips. You can really enhance your manicure/pedicure with just some simple cutout shapes!

Craft Punches – Varied Designs

Your first question might be: what are craft punches? If you were part of the scrapbooking craze, or still are, then you are already familiar with craft punches! They are little push-button contraptions that can cut holes in paper. They were made for paper, but they work just as well with Color Street strips! I ordered a set of 58 mini craft punches to get myself started. Here is a link similar to what I purchased:

They have all kinds of designs, but since I bought them right before Christmas, I decided to do a winter/Christmas-inspired mani! I started with the snowflake as my inspiration. First, I applied a set of Cran-tastic to all my nails. Then I took what is called a “twosie”, or a set of accent nails, that were the Home Sleet Home design. I took off the top layer of the strip and cut out my snowflake. Then I used tweezers to separate the strip from the backing. This part could not have been done without tweezers! Then I held the snowflake gently with the tweezers and placed it where I wanted it to be on my thumbnail and pressed down. I could have then applied a Clear as Day over the top of that but the snowflake stayed put just fine. In fact, 9 days after application, the nails looked good as new! I also put a full strip of Home Sleet Home over the Cran-tastic on my ring fingers for some extra visual beauty! Here was the result:

Color Street Snowflake Craft Punch

Craft Punches – Line Cutter

Another option for dressing up a mani is a line cutter. The execution of the design would be the same, but with lines instead of a shape. I didn’t do this one, but the ring finger in this picture has a great example of strips cut with a line cutter:

Stripe example

Here is the line cutter I purchased:

Another Option – Nail Tape

If you are looking for a way to get a more delicate highlight on a nail, nail tape is a great way to go! There are also endless colors and styles for nail tape which make it a very versatile item. Here are some beautiful examples of designs done with nail tape:







Nail tape can be a little difficult to work with, but here are some helpful steps to follow:

1. Take the top cover off the nail strip.

2. Apply the nail tape while the strip is lying flat and trim as needed.

3. Remove the backing and apply the nail strip to your fingernail.

4. Let it cure for at least 30 minutes.

5. Use a Clear As Day strip as a top coat to keep the nail tape in place.

French Tips

Who doesn’t love a good, clean, classic, white, French manicure? However, there is another way to use a crafting tool to make French tips out of whatever color or pattern you want! The most common way to do this is to use a 5/8″ circle cutter. Take the Color Street strip that you want to use for the French tip, take off the clear top cover, insert partially into the circle cutter, and voila!








Just like with the nail tape, you will want to apply a layer of Clear as Day over the top of your French tips to keep them in place and looking beautiful for longer!

Endless Possibilities!

There is an endless variety of creative ways to experiment with Color Street, craft punches, and nail tape. Leave some comments with designs you’ve done or your tips and tricks for making one of a kind designs!

Color Street Nail Polish Removal

Now that you have purchased Color Street dry nail polish and have fallen in love with it, you might be wondering how to remove it since it is so long-lasting and sturdy. My biggest problem is waiting for it to look rough enough around the edges that I can put on my next set because I love them all so much and I am not a patient person! I want to cover a couple of different options for Color Street nail polish removal because everyone is different and I want you to find what works best for you while keeping your nails and cuticles healthy.

The Old Standby – Acetone Nail Polish Remover

When most people go to remove nail polish, they usually have a bottle of acetone-based remover on hand and might be tempted to reach for that. It does work on Color Street, but it can have some fairly serious drying effects. Right now, I have a Cutex brand of acetone nail polish remover but it does dry my nails out. I use it, then put lotion on my hands and rub it into my fingernails and wait about an hour before applying my next set of Color Street strips. I have a friend who tried the Ultra-Powerful formula and she said that worked very well for her, so that is also an option. She does tend to have more oil in her nails naturally, so the drying doesn’t affect her as much as it might affect other others.

A More Gentle Approach – Mineral Fusion

If you do want to avoid the drying effects of acetone-based removers, then Mineral Fusion might be the perfect alternative. Mineral Fusion is a relatively new company, started in 2007. They have many products aimed at nourishing the body, including their gentle nail polish remover. I have not tried this one on my Color Street yet but have been told by a friend that it takes much longer to use since Color Street is a base coat, polish, and top coat in one strip. The mineral-based remover takes longer to break through the top coat of the strip.

Another way to help the Mineral Fusion sink in to the nail polish strip is to use nail clips. You can take a cotton ball, soak it in the remover, and use a nail clip to hold it in place for several minutes until the nail polish is easily removed. This technique can also be used with acetone-based removers, but again, be cautious of the drying effects.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of acetone vs. Mineral Fusion so you can see the difference:

Household Product Option – Vinegar

If you don’t have any typical nail polish removal products in the house, you can always use vinegar! Soak your nails in a shallow bowl of vinegar for 10-15 minutes and begin to remove the nail polish with a paper towel. Vinegar is an acid so it will begin to break down the chemicals in the polish. You can even add a little bit of lemon or orange juice to the vinegar to add the power of citric acid. DO NOT EVER pick off Color Street polish. Take your time and wait for it to naturally wear down to where it can be rubbed off with a paper towel or soft cloth.

One More Household Option – Toothpaste

A final removal option that everyone has around the house, one would hope, is toothpaste! (White toothpaste seems to work the best.) Put a pea-sized amount on each fingernail and rub in with your fingers. Then use a toothbrush or paper towel to scrub at the polish. Alternatively, this would be a good way to break through the layer of top coating that is in Color Street strips before using another method, such as the Mineral Fusion remover. Using this method would take less time than the mineral remover on its own, while still nourishing your nails and cuticlies with the moisturizing properties of Mineral Fusion.

Conclusion – Experiment!

There are several methods for removing Color Street, and even more than I’ve covered here. Some are too damaging to even think of, so I covered the ones that have either worked for me or will work with what you already have around the house. Do some experimenting and see what works for you, while still taking care of your skin. If you have other options for what has worked for you, please leave them in the comments!

Color Street – Nail Polish Strips

In this article, I am going to introduce you to Color Street, the company for which I am an Independent Stylist and the whole reason for this website! Their product line focuses on dry nail polish strips in dozens of different designs, with new ones continuously being introduced!

So What is Color Street?

Color Street is a company founded by Mr. Fa Park, who came to this country to be an opera singer and had his life changed while waiting in traffic one morning! He was on a bus in Manhattan stopped at a red light, and looked over and saw a woman in a neighboring car trying to apply nail polish on her way to work. He thought to himself that there must be a better way to do that! Fa designed a machine to make dry nail polish strips but it would have been too expensive to have someone build it. He spent roughly the next 20 years studying machining, chemistry, nail polish, and everything else he needed to build his own machine and get the strips to market. After some somewhat successful runs with other companies, Mr. Park decided to go with the direct sales model in 2017, which has been incredibly successful. With the constantly-changing inventory, direct sales is a fantastic way to keep the products in front of the people who are most interested in it! Color Street is also 100% manufactured in the US, which is rare in today’s production facilities! For more detailed information on the background of the company, here is an article from 2019:

A Beauty Innovation 30 Years in the Making

What is Dry Nail Polish, Anyway?

Dry nail polish, at least as far as Color Street is concerned, is nail polish that is 95% dry. That means that shortly after being applied to your nails, you can do regular activities and you NEVER get wet polish all over yourself, your clothes, or your house! Color Street recommends waiting 30 minutes before doing anything that would get your hands wet. When I applied my very first set (Cannes-fetti) I didn’t know about the 30-minute waiting period and did the dishes right away. They started to peel up a little but I just pushed them back down and then they were fine. Now I know better but I’m glad I didn’t kill my first set right after applying them. Color Street strips are 100% nail polish, and they are a base coat, polish, and top coat all in one. They are advertised as lasting up to 7 days, but I have had sets last for almost 2 weeks! Below is a picture of my first set (Cannes-fetti) that got me completely hooked to the point where I wanted to sell Color Street and introduce it to the world:

My very first set! Cannes-fetti!

What’s so Great About Dry Nail Polish?

In short, everything!!! I never regularly spent time on my nails but Color Street is just fun and beautiful and I love it! I’m someone who is most comfortable in jeans and hooded sweatshirts, but I have been LOVING having my nails look beautiful all the time. These strips are so easy to apply and look so darn sparkly under my kitchen lights/sunlight that I can’t stop looking at them. They genuinely are easy to apply but I feel like I get better with every application. I’m going to be recording some videos soon to show different types of applications. Stay tuned!

Color Street Applications

Do you use gel nails or acrylics but love the Color Street designs? Perfect! These strips can be applied to natural nails, gels, and acrylics. Personally, I prefer to just use them on my natural nails. It saves a lot of money and time at the salon, and I just like the feel of my natural nails better. Plus I have a farm, so I frequently break nails and the acrylics make me nervous. They don’t break easily, they just pull the whole nail off! If you have any other fun uses for Color Street, drop them in the comments!

In closing…

Color Street is a wonderful company with a fantastic product that they stand behind. I did have a customer have an issue with one set and the company sent her a replacement right away! I have so enjoyed my journey with Color Street, both on the customer end and on the business end, and I look forward to many more years with them!

About Me

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Christine’s Pristine Nails! This is a place where you can learn about dry nail polish, get tips and tricks for applying, and get inspiration for your own beautiful designs!


As you may have guessed, my name is Christine! My fingernails have never really been something I spent a lot of time or money on. It’s always been a matter of keeping them trimmed and looking somewhat nice, with the occasional acrylic application and a one-time gel application. I rarely used wet nail polish that I applied myself, and when I did it just didn’t last very long and it didn’t look particularly interesting.

Recently I ran into a problem where I could NOT stop picking at my nails, particularly while driving, which I do a lot! They were worn down to nothing and I didn’t like that I was playing with them while driving, which was distracting and dangerous. I decided to get acrylic nails to give mine a break and a chance to grow back. Then COVID-19 hit and the nail salons were forced to close. I had to let the acrylic grow out, which if you’ve ever done, you know how miserable it is!

Fast forward to November 2020, when I was invited to a Color Street Online Nail Bar. I had no idea what Color Street was or what an online nail bar was, but the person who invited me was a friend of mine so I figured I would participate to support her. I googled Color Street to see what it was about, and I ordered some sets of dry nail polish strips. Years ago I had tried what I assumed was a similar product, but those were basically stickers and would not stay on my nails. I was not a fan and I assumed Color Street would be similar! I received my first order and applied the Cannes-fetti set, not expecting much. I can’t even describe how instantly I fell in love with this product!!! My nails were so sparkly and beautiful under my kitchen lights! It’s rare to find something that I love that much, and love it enough to be involved with it on a sales level, but I did. I reached out to the woman who threw the online party and told her I wanted to sign up with the business. I became a Color Street Independent Stylist and am loving every minute of it!


Since I feel like I was just about the last person on Earth to hear about Color Street, I want to tell others about it so they can experience the joy that it has brought me! I have several other jobs, but coming back to Color Street when I’m stressed always makes me happy. The nail strips are just so beautiful and there are endless combinations to try! I put a set on my mother-in-law and she said, “Oh, I feel so feminine!” She usually doesn’t like her hands or nails but they looked beautiful and it was so gratifying that I could introduce her to dry nail polish and make her feel good!


My goal, as I alluded to before, is to introduce the world to Color Street dry nail polish strips and the endless possibilities that are available to make you feel beautiful!

If you ever need a hand (no pun intended!) or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you find answers!

All the best,