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About Me

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Christine’s Pristine Nails! This is a place where you can learn about dry nail polish, get tips and tricks for applying, and get inspiration for your own beautiful designs!


As you may have guessed, my name is Christine! My fingernails have never really been something I spent a lot of time or money on. It’s always been a matter of keeping them trimmed and looking somewhat nice, with the occasional acrylic application and a one-time gel application. I rarely used wet nail polish that I applied myself, and when I did it just didn’t last very long and it didn’t look particularly interesting.

Recently I ran into a problem where I could NOT stop picking at my nails, particularly while driving, which I do a lot! They were worn down to nothing and I didn’t like that I was playing with them while driving, which was distracting and dangerous. I decided to get acrylic nails to give mine a break and a chance to grow back. Then COVID-19 hit and the nail salons were forced to close. I had to let the acrylic grow out, which if you’ve ever done, you know how miserable it is!

Fast forward to November 2020, when I was invited to a Color Street Online Nail Bar. I had no idea what Color Street was or what an online nail bar was, but the person who invited me was a friend of mine so I figured I would participate to support her. I googled Color Street to see what it was about, and I ordered some sets of dry nail polish strips. Years ago I had tried what I assumed was a similar product, but those were basically stickers and would not stay on my nails. I was not a fan and I assumed Color Street would be similar! I received my first order and applied the Cannes-fetti set, not expecting much. I can’t even describe how instantly I fell in love with this product!!! My nails were so sparkly and beautiful under my kitchen lights! It’s rare to find something that I love that much, and love it enough to be involved with it on a sales level, but I did. I reached out to the woman who threw the online party and told her I wanted to sign up with the business. I became a Color Street Independent Stylist and am loving every minute of it!


Since I feel like I was just about the last person on Earth to hear about Color Street, I want to tell others about it so they can experience the joy that it has brought me! I have several other jobs, but coming back to Color Street when I’m stressed always makes me happy. The nail strips are just so beautiful and there are endless combinations to try! I put a set on my mother-in-law and she said, “Oh, I feel so feminine!” She usually doesn’t like her hands or nails but they looked beautiful and it was so gratifying that I could introduce her to dry nail polish and make her feel good!


My goal, as I alluded to before, is to introduce the world to Color Street dry nail polish strips and the endless possibilities that are available to make you feel beautiful!

If you ever need a hand (no pun intended!) or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you find answers!

All the best,


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