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Color Street – Craft Punches

In this article, I am going to discuss the use of craft punches with Color Street dry nail polish strips. You can really enhance your manicure/pedicure with just some simple cutout shapes!

Craft Punches – Varied Designs

Your first question might be: what are craft punches? If you were part of the scrapbooking craze, or still are, then you are already familiar with craft punches! They are little push-button contraptions that can cut holes in paper. They were made for paper, but they work just as well with Color Street strips! I ordered a set of 58 mini craft punches to get myself started. Here is a link similar to what I purchased:

They have all kinds of designs, but since I bought them right before Christmas, I decided to do a winter/Christmas-inspired mani! I started with the snowflake as my inspiration. First, I applied a set of Cran-tastic to all my nails. Then I took what is called a “twosie”, or a set of accent nails, that were the Home Sleet Home design. I took off the top layer of the strip and cut out my snowflake. Then I used tweezers to separate the strip from the backing. This part could not have been done without tweezers! Then I held the snowflake gently with the tweezers and placed it where I wanted it to be on my thumbnail and pressed down. I could have then applied a Clear as Day over the top of that but the snowflake stayed put just fine. In fact, 9 days after application, the nails looked good as new! I also put a full strip of Home Sleet Home over the Cran-tastic on my ring fingers for some extra visual beauty! Here was the result:

Color Street Snowflake Craft Punch

Craft Punches – Line Cutter

Another option for dressing up a mani is a line cutter. The execution of the design would be the same, but with lines instead of a shape. I didn’t do this one, but the ring finger in this picture has a great example of strips cut with a line cutter:

Stripe example

Here is the line cutter I purchased:

Another Option – Nail Tape

If you are looking for a way to get a more delicate highlight on a nail, nail tape is a great way to go! There are also endless colors and styles for nail tape which make it a very versatile item. Here are some beautiful examples of designs done with nail tape:







Nail tape can be a little difficult to work with, but here are some helpful steps to follow:

1. Take the top cover off the nail strip.

2. Apply the nail tape while the strip is lying flat and trim as needed.

3. Remove the backing and apply the nail strip to your fingernail.

4. Let it cure for at least 30 minutes.

5. Use a Clear As Day strip as a top coat to keep the nail tape in place.

French Tips

Who doesn’t love a good, clean, classic, white, French manicure? However, there is another way to use a crafting tool to make French tips out of whatever color or pattern you want! The most common way to do this is to use a 5/8″ circle cutter. Take the Color Street strip that you want to use for the French tip, take off the clear top cover, insert partially into the circle cutter, and voila!








Just like with the nail tape, you will want to apply a layer of Clear as Day over the top of your French tips to keep them in place and looking beautiful for longer!

Endless Possibilities!

There is an endless variety of creative ways to experiment with Color Street, craft punches, and nail tape. Leave some comments with designs you’ve done or your tips and tricks for making one of a kind designs!

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