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Color Street Nail Bar

I wanted to write a little about Color Street nail bars, so you will have an idea of what they are and how they work. I was invited to one through Facebook in 2020 and was like, what the heck is a nail bar? In fact, what the heck is Color Street?!? If you’ve seen my other articles, you will know that I was completely hooked after I put my first set on and became a stylist immediately. Then it was up to me to help other people host nail bars, so I jumped right into that world as well and have had the most fun with this part of the business!

Basic Idea

The idea behind a nail bar is to introduce Color Street to more people and help a hostess earn free product. It is also a social occasion that brings friends together, either in person or online to have fun and learn more about Color Street and each other. I joined the company during COVID-19 so I still have not hosted an in-person one, but I have done at least one a month since then and I absolutely love doing them! I will focus on the virtual nail bar for now since I have experience with those.

First Step

Once I have a hostess lined up, I have her pick a theme. This would depend on her hobbies, interest, or the time of year, as some examples. I did holiday themes right before Christmas, a roaring 20’s theme, camping, Valentine’s Day, and now a School’s Out theme for the summer. This is my absolute favorite part about the nail bar, finding a theme that the hostess wants and then finding/creating graphics to go along with it. There are some basic templates for a nail bar, but I usually add extras like videos, games, contests, etc. Below are some graphics that I have used in previous nail bars:

this or that, Greeking out, fort worth itbeagle, puppies, hostess, gifmarshmallow, campfire, roast, thank you, order

husky, alarm, party, snoozeflapper, roaring 20's, this or that, black cherry bonbon

Facebook Group

I then create a private Facebook group and make myself and the hostess admins. I will add a cover photo, description, and a few introductory posts before other people come into the group. Then I have the hostess start inviting friends to the group, about 25 at a time so Facebook doesn’t block people being added when it’s done too quickly. I had no idea how many different metrics Facebook had in place to block various activities until I became a stylist! For the hostess, the whole thing is very simple! Just invite friends, comment on the posts to keep engagement and visibility up, and sit back and have fun!

Qualifying Nail Bar

You might hear a stylist refer to a “qualifying nail bar,” which just means that a nail bar has reached $300 in sales. Hostess rewards start at $150 in sales, but $300 in sales gets you more rewards plus sometimes hostess-exclusive sets if Color Street is offering them that month! For example, right now is May, and if you have a qualifying nail bar in May and cash in your hostess rewards before the end of the month, you get TWO FREE sets of a hostess-exclusive set added onto your order automatically at checkout. These sets cannot be ordered by anyone and are ONLY available to hostesses. This is in addition to your other rewards from the amount of sales you have, PLUS the free set that I give all of my hostesses just for having a party! The set for May is called Pink Paradise and it is stunning! They don’t offer exclusive sets every month, but when they do, I reach out to people that I think would particularly enjoy those sets and ask if they would like to host a party that month.

pink paradise, qualifying nail bar, color street

Here is an example of hostess rewards from a typical qualifying nail bar:

It’s not hard at all to have a qualifying nail bar, as people who are already familiar with Color Street love it and order, and any new people to the group may have gotten a free sample from me before the party ends and place an order as well. Color Street always offers buy 3, get 1 free, which is called a party pack. The sale of 8 party packs makes you a qualifying nail bar. I always order from my hostess’s parties as well, since Color Street frequently releases mini-collections while I have an open party, and I want to snatch those up before they are gone for good!

Other Party Perks

If a friend of the hostess books a party from me and ALSO has a qualifying nail bar, the original hostess gets an additional $25 in product credit!!! That’s a nice little bonus for the hostess, and sometimes I have booked nail bars for unrelated hostesses and the first hostess gets a nice surprise when the other party ends. I try to help out my hostesses because I appreciate them so very much!


Hosting a Color Street nail bar is a lot of fun and very little work for the hostess, with the best part being the earning of free Color Street dry nail polish! Feel free to comment with any experiences you’ve had with being a hostess, or any questions you may have for me, and of course if you would like to host a nail bar!

3 thoughts on “Color Street Nail Bar”

  1. This is certainly a unique way of promoting cosmetics, and it seems to be working well for you. I never knew that you could only invite a few at a time on FaceBook or they block you. Thanks for the warning!

    If you do one of these parties online, do you show the ladies how to do their nails live and let them try for themselves, or do you simply show the products? Because if they don’t have the products with them this would prove difficult?

    1. I have yet to do a live video during a party but I am thinking of doing one for my current nail bar, since my current set has been on for 15 days and could use some freshening! I do share videos of how to apply the strips, and I have other articles on mistakes I have made while learning. Many people ask for and receive free samples during the party, so by the time they get their full sets they have had some experience with it!

  2. I have no experience with a nail bar. I see this as a very interesting and fun activity which can operate a business. I have been a member of a similar operation and not only does it earn, but also it brings people of similar interest together. I am thinking about this as a possibility for me because of the creativity it affords as a hostess.I have been working from home since the start of the pandemic and I have enough time to take on a project such as this. Thank you for this introduction.

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