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Color Street Nail Polish Removal

Now that you have purchased Color Street dry nail polish and have fallen in love with it, you might be wondering how to remove it since it is so long-lasting and sturdy. My biggest problem is waiting for it to look rough enough around the edges that I can put on my next set because I love them all so much and I am not a patient person! I want to cover a couple of different options for Color Street nail polish removal because everyone is different and I want you to find what works best for you while keeping your nails and cuticles healthy.

The Old Standby – Acetone Nail Polish Remover

When most people go to remove nail polish, they usually have a bottle of acetone-based remover on hand and might be tempted to reach for that. It does work on Color Street, but it can have some fairly serious drying effects. Right now, I have a Cutex brand of acetone nail polish remover but it does dry my nails out. I use it, then put lotion on my hands and rub it into my fingernails and wait about an hour before applying my next set of Color Street strips. I have a friend who tried the Ultra-Powerful formula and she said that worked very well for her, so that is also an option. She does tend to have more oil in her nails naturally, so the drying doesn’t affect her as much as it might affect other others.

A More Gentle Approach – Mineral Fusion

If you do want to avoid the drying effects of acetone-based removers, then Mineral Fusion might be the perfect alternative. Mineral Fusion is a relatively new company, started in 2007. They have many products aimed at nourishing the body, including their gentle nail polish remover. I have not tried this one on my Color Street yet but have been told by a friend that it takes much longer to use since Color Street is a base coat, polish, and top coat in one strip. The mineral-based remover takes longer to break through the top coat of the strip.

Another way to help the Mineral Fusion sink in to the nail polish strip is to use nail clips. You can take a cotton ball, soak it in the remover, and use a nail clip to hold it in place for several minutes until the nail polish is easily removed. This technique can also be used with acetone-based removers, but again, be cautious of the drying effects.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of acetone vs. Mineral Fusion so you can see the difference:

Household Product Option – Vinegar

If you don’t have any typical nail polish removal products in the house, you can always use vinegar! Soak your nails in a shallow bowl of vinegar for 10-15 minutes and begin to remove the nail polish with a paper towel. Vinegar is an acid so it will begin to break down the chemicals in the polish. You can even add a little bit of lemon or orange juice to the vinegar to add the power of citric acid. DO NOT EVER pick off Color Street polish. Take your time and wait for it to naturally wear down to where it can be rubbed off with a paper towel or soft cloth.

One More Household Option – Toothpaste

A final removal option that everyone has around the house, one would hope, is toothpaste! (White toothpaste seems to work the best.) Put a pea-sized amount on each fingernail and rub in with your fingers. Then use a toothbrush or paper towel to scrub at the polish. Alternatively, this would be a good way to break through the layer of top coating that is in Color Street strips before using another method, such as the Mineral Fusion remover. Using this method would take less time than the mineral remover on its own, while still nourishing your nails and cuticlies with the moisturizing properties of Mineral Fusion.

Conclusion – Experiment!

There are several methods for removing Color Street, and even more than I’ve covered here. Some are too damaging to even think of, so I covered the ones that have either worked for me or will work with what you already have around the house. Do some experimenting and see what works for you, while still taking care of your skin. If you have other options for what has worked for you, please leave them in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Color Street Nail Polish Removal”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing a great article to read to learn more about how to Color Street Nail Polish Removal, my niece told me to try this nail polish and everything went well, I loved how my nails looked, but at the time to remove this nail polish I got in some problems, as I was looking for some information that help me to remove the Color Street Nail Polish from my nails, I found your website, and I’m glad I found it, as my skin is delicate and I don’t like to use the Acetone remover, so I got the Mineral Fusion and it worked great and it didn’t hurt at all my hands skin, I loved it!

  2. My sister always complain about her nail polish removal making her nails too dry! I have sent this over to her and I hope that it really can help with her problem. I have seen what some of the cheap nail polish removal does to her nails, and I always nag her to get a better one! I’m so glad that I have come across this as I can finally give her a better option of a nail polish removal instead of the rough ones that she uses. I like the Mineral Fusion one better and maybe top it together with the nail clips will be a great combo for her problem. One question, do you highly recommend for people to use vinegar or toothpaste in their nail polish removal process? 

    Thank you very much for your great article as it will definitely help my sister so much with her ongoing issue with the nail polish removal! Keep this up and i hope to see your answers soon! 

    1. I would definitely recommend the Mineral Fusion as the top method for removal, especially with the Color Street strips, since it’s a base, polish, and top coat all in one. The vinegar and toothpaste methods would probably work better for liquid nail polish. I wanted to give people an option to use household items if they were in a pinch and wanted to remove polish but didn’t have something specifically for removal. The Mineral Fusion has made a HUGE difference in nail health for me, so hopefully your sister tries it and it also helps her!

  3. While I think Mineral Fusion would be my first choice, I was surprised to find that I could use vinegar or toothpaste to remove nail polish as well!  I absolutely love the nail clips. Are those a Color Street product?  Would they work with the vinegar?  Thank you for posting this great information!

    1. For now, Color Street only makes the dry nail polish strips, but I have found the nail clips to be a HUGE help in removing the strips! I found the nail clips on Amazon, but have not tried them with vinegar. I have used the clips with acetone and Mineral Fusion, and I recommend the Mineral Fusion 1000%!!! It has made a huge difference in my overall nail health and moisture levels. I will never use acetone again!

  4. Hi Christine

    I found the household items I can use to remove nail polish really helpful, thanks! Vinegar I know can be use for hundreds of DIY tricks but I actually never thought of my nails and I also appreciate the comparison you gave when using mineral fusion as opposed to acetone. Im a huge fan of nature all the way 🙂

    If you have gelish nail polish and not the strips what natural remedies are available for removal?



    1. I haven’t tried any of the natural removers on gel nails, but I think the Mineral Fusion would work just as well on those as on the Color Street strips. The acetone works much faster, but I will never use it again. The Mineral Fusion took about 10-15 minutes using my nail clips and cotton balls, but it was worth the wait to have healthier  nails when I was done! 

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