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Color Street – Nail Polish Strips

In this article, I am going to introduce you to Color Street, the company for which I am an Independent Stylist and the whole reason for this website! Their product line focuses on dry nail polish strips in dozens of different designs, with new ones continuously being introduced!

So What is Color Street?

Color Street is a company founded by Mr. Fa Park, who came to this country to be an opera singer and had his life changed while waiting in traffic one morning! He was on a bus in Manhattan stopped at a red light, and looked over and saw a woman in a neighboring car trying to apply nail polish on her way to work. He thought to himself that there must be a better way to do that! Fa designed a machine to make dry nail polish strips but it would have been too expensive to have someone build it. He spent roughly the next 20 years studying machining, chemistry, nail polish, and everything else he needed to build his own machine and get the strips to market. After some somewhat successful runs with other companies, Mr. Park decided to go with the direct sales model in 2017, which has been incredibly successful. With the constantly-changing inventory, direct sales is a fantastic way to keep the products in front of the people who are most interested in it! Color Street is also 100% manufactured in the US, which is rare in today’s production facilities! For more detailed information on the background of the company, here is an article from 2019:

A Beauty Innovation 30 Years in the Making

What is Dry Nail Polish, Anyway?

Dry nail polish, at least as far as Color Street is concerned, is nail polish that is 95% dry. That means that shortly after being applied to your nails, you can do regular activities and you NEVER get wet polish all over yourself, your clothes, or your house! Color Street recommends waiting 30 minutes before doing anything that would get your hands wet. When I applied my very first set (Cannes-fetti) I didn’t know about the 30-minute waiting period and did the dishes right away. They started to peel up a little but I just pushed them back down and then they were fine. Now I know better but I’m glad I didn’t kill my first set right after applying them. Color Street strips are 100% nail polish, and they are a base coat, polish, and top coat all in one. They are advertised as lasting up to 7 days, but I have had sets last for almost 2 weeks! Below is a picture of my first set (Cannes-fetti) that got me completely hooked to the point where I wanted to sell Color Street and introduce it to the world:

My very first set! Cannes-fetti!

What’s so Great About Dry Nail Polish?

In short, everything!!! I never regularly spent time on my nails but Color Street is just fun and beautiful and I love it! I’m someone who is most comfortable in jeans and hooded sweatshirts, but I have been LOVING having my nails look beautiful all the time. These strips are so easy to apply and look so darn sparkly under my kitchen lights/sunlight that I can’t stop looking at them. They genuinely are easy to apply but I feel like I get better with every application. I’m going to be recording some videos soon to show different types of applications. Stay tuned!

Color Street Applications

Do you use gel nails or acrylics but love the Color Street designs? Perfect! These strips can be applied to natural nails, gels, and acrylics. Personally, I prefer to just use them on my natural nails. It saves a lot of money and time at the salon, and I just like the feel of my natural nails better. Plus I have a farm, so I frequently break nails and the acrylics make me nervous. They don’t break easily, they just pull the whole nail off! If you have any other fun uses for Color Street, drop them in the comments!

In closing…

Color Street is a wonderful company with a fantastic product that they stand behind. I did have a customer have an issue with one set and the company sent her a replacement right away! I have so enjoyed my journey with Color Street, both on the customer end and on the business end, and I look forward to many more years with them!

6 thoughts on “Color Street – Nail Polish Strips”

  1. I haven’t (yet) tried Color Street nail strips but I have heard all good things about them.  The only negative comment that I have heard is that they last sooooooo long, she had to remove perfect good polish when she wanted a new color.  I’ve taken a look at what’s available and I love the different designs.  I think it’s time for me to take the plunge and get them a try.  Thank you for posting!

    1. Lol, I had that problem early on, too! I loved the colors and patterns so much, but I wanted to try the next set. I would get excited when a nail broke, because then it was an excuse to do a new set. Then I discovered that you could use nail clippers on them and they would still be fine, so then that went out the window! I do find that the solids chip more quickly, but I have started using the clear set, called Clear as Day, over those and they last much longer!

  2. This is a great post.  I love that you have taken time to tell the story behind the product, as it is an excellent one.

    You have explained the product well and how they are used, so I now know exactly what they are and how to use them.

    You certainly make them sound like a very easy to use and carefree product.  It was also good to hear that even when you didn’t know to wait the 30 minutes that the product was of good enough quality to stick back down again.

    Thanks for introducing people to this great product.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I was fascinated by the story behind the start of the company and I’m glad you enjoyed it as well!

  3. Hi, I’ve just gone through this amazing post you’ve shared about street company. Based on what I’ve read, I also believe that it’s a very wonderful company like you’ve said. I like the fact that colour street application strips can be applied to natural nails and its acrylics don’t break easily, that means it’s easy to perform your daily duties without a fear of destroying your expensive nails. Thanks you so much for introducing us to this wonderful company with great products. I’m definitely going to share this post too. 

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