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Color Street Pedicures

Today I am going to dive into Color Street pedicures. There are almost as many options for your toes as there are for your fingers! Unless like me, you hardly have a pinky toenail!

Color Street Pedicure Sets

Color Street does make sets specifically for pedicures, but there are not many in the current collection. There is Seoul Sister, Baton Rougey, and How Swede it is.

Seoul SisterBaton RougeHow Swede it Is

As you can see from the pictures, Seoul Sister is a bright pink color, Baton Rougey is a classic red, and How Swede it Is is a nice glittery blue color! These are the sets that are specifically labeled as pedicures, but of course, given how easy it is to apply Color Street strips in general, you can use these on your fingers as well.

Manicure Sets For Your Toes

As I said above, Color Street strips are easily-adapted to whatever use you have in mind! Given that, it is entirely possible to use the manicure sets on your toes. Plus, since most people’s toenails are significantly smaller than their fingernails, you can do a full pedicure with just two nail strips! See the handy graphic below for a great way to do a pedicure using only the largest and smallest strips in a manicure set:

Toenail hack

As the pictures shows, take the largest strip and turn it sideways to cover the big toe. Then trim off the excess for the second toe. Trim as needed. Then take the smallest strip and put it vertically on the pinky toe. Turning it sideways, do the next two toes heading towards the big toe. That covers all of them! Due to the strips being turned sideways, it wouldn’t be possible to do the sets with designs, such as Penguin Party or Just Be-Claus, or the ombre ones unless you want sideways heads and dark strips on one side of the nail! You can of course still use those sets on your toes, you would just have to use more strips so they would be facing the correct ways. I just wanted to show you a way to get two manicures and a pedicure out of one set!

Some Color Street Pedicure Ideas

Now that you have some ideas on ways to do pedicures, see the pictures below for more creative ways to dress up your piggies! These are all sets that were done with manicure, not pedicure strips.

Aspen Sky Pedicure
Aspen Sky
Glamsterdam Pedicure
Glamsterdam makes for a great summer pedi!
Christmas Pedicure
Beautiful Christmas Pedicure!

Wide Toenails

If your toenails are wider than the pedicure or manicure strips, there is a way to still have gorgeous Color Street pedicures! This person took two sets and used the polka dots to fill in on her big toe where the strip wasn’t wide enough:

Wide toenail pedicure

Athletic Feet

Are you someone who is very active and hard on their feet and wondering how Color Street holds up as a pedicure? Check out this testimonial!

Runner French Tips Pedicure

Instant Pedicure

When you go to a salon, they do your pedicure and then you have to walk around in those little slippers until your toenails dry. If you’re like me, you still have to wear flip-flops or other sandals so you don’t mess up your toes because they are still not dry before you leave!

Sahara Jewel Pedicure

The picture above shows a gorgeous use of Sahara Jewel (one of my favorites!) as a pedicure, and points out that you can put your socks back on immediately after application! Although, when your toenails look this good, who wants to cover them up?


As always, there are endless ways to get creative with Color Street, whether it’s on your hands or feet! Drop some pics in the comments of your pedicures!

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