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Fingernail Health

Fingernail health is not something I used to worry about too much, but now that I’m wearing Color Street all the time and removing it with acetone-based nail polish remover, it’s a topic that I’m starting to look into more! Plus it’s winter, so my nails are starting to get extra brittle. Yay. I’m going to discuss some tips and tricks that I am using to improve my fingernail health.

Start With a Strong Base

The first step is to get your fingernails strong before applying any Color Street dry nail polish strips. Chances are, yours started out strong like mine, but now need a little extra help. I recently purchased a couple of products that I think will make a huge difference. I got a nail strengthener and also nail and cuticle oil. These were not fancy products, I just went to the local grocery store and got some items that looked good. A friend of mine has been using olive oil instead of nail and cuticle oil and that is working for her to combat nail dryness, so like I said, no need to get fancy! After removing my Color Street strips, I use the nail and cuticle oil, let that sit until it feels like it’s absorbed, then paint on a layer of nail strengthener. I’m in the very early stages of this process, so I will update this post as I go along and let you know my progress! I have another friend who is using a nail strengthener with great success. I’m also hoping warmer, more humid weather will help my nails out significantly! As someone with naturally curly hair, this is the first time I have ever wished for more humid weather!

Ditch the Acetone!

I still have no excuse for why I haven’t done this yet, but I haven’t. I guess my biggest excuse is that I haven’t purchased any Mineral Fusion nail polish remover yet. I’m getting there, but you all know how busy life can get, and I have many jobs! The acetone-based nail polish removers are incredibly drying. Like I said above, I’m hoping the nail and cuticle oil helps, but I might not need that as much without the acetone! Here is a visual depiction of the difference between fingernails that have had acetone and non-acetone removers used on them:

Acetone vs mineral fusion

My nails do look more like the one on the right after I use my acetone-based nail polish remover. I will stop doing this to you, little nails, I promise!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

It is important to consider the overall dryness of your hands, not just your fingernails, in the winter. Especially during this time of COVID-19, when people are washing their hands more frequently and using hand sanitizer more often than they might normally, it is crucial to keep your hands hydrated. If possible, apply moisturizer to your hands and fingernails after every hand washing. Carry a little bottle of moisturizer with you if you need to. I know the practicality of this depends on your profession, but if you can do it, it will help! When I apply moisturizer to my hands, I make sure I hit my fingernails and cuticles as well.

Glass Nail Files

I only recently discovered the beauty of a glass nail file, and if you’re in my Color Street VIP group on Facebook and have ordered anything directly from my inventory, chances are I have sent you a glass nail file in the mail! They are AMAZING, and so much healthier for your nails than a traditional nail file. The glass files have a much more gentle grit to them, and using them actually seal the keratin in your nails, which helps prevent chipping, splitting, and flaking. If you have a lot of extra nail to take off, you can start with a more coarse file, then finish with the glass. I use nail clippers first, then finish with the glass file. It leaves my nails feeling so darn smooth, and it feels good to know that they are much healthier than they would be with a regular file! Also, make sure you are only filing each spot in one direction, instead of sawing back and forth. Start at the edge of the nail and work towards the middle. The glass files will also stay sharp and useful for a VERY long time, so it’s a great investment for not a lot of money.

Glass nail file


Wear Gloves

This is another one that I’m terrible at in the winter! I have a small farm, and generally when I go out to feed the animals, I don’t wear gloves. The most drying thing I do to my hands in the winter is scrub out water buckets without protecting my hands in any way. They are left feeling like nothing more than a compilation of little dried out flakes of skin resting on top of my hands! Then I come back inside and wash my hands, further drying them out. I will put lotion on after doing that, but I really should be better about wearing gloves when doing this to prevent the drying in the first place. In general, though, when you’re out in the dry winter weather, whether it’s walking, skiing, scraping snow off the car, or going from your car into the store, protect those hands and fingernails with gloves!

Not Just for Winter

Fingernail health is something that is easy to overlook in the hustle and bustle of daily life, but if you’re like me and want to protect your nails while looking fabulous with Color Street dry nail polish strips, then now is the time to start taking care of them year round!

2 thoughts on “Fingernail Health”

  1. Love this article, Christine! I love the Mineral Fusion that you recommended for me, too, so please get yourself some soon! You’ll never look back. I start wearing gloves outside when the weather hits 40°F, but my hands are still dry in the winter. I’ve been applying a nail oil and hand lotion daily, but probably need to do it even more. Thanks again for the great tips, and stay warm!!

    1. I’m glad you’re loving the Mineral Fusion! I am also loving the nail hardener I got and will use it under my Color Street sets for the foreseeable future! <3

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